Barkati Engineering.

Industrial Centralized & Domestics.
HVAC Services, Electrical Maintenance Technical Services Karachi.
Annual Maintenance Corrective Maintenance.
Preventive Maintenance Shutdown Maintenances.

Split AC, Inverter AC Service at your door step in Karachi (Same day Service).

Regular AC service by Barkati Engineering is highly beneficial for your air conditioners in several ways. Here are some of the key advantages:

1- Improved Efficiency of your AC

2- Extended Lifespan

3- Better Air Quality

4- Enhanced Cooling Performance
Environments Health and Safety (EH&S).

1- Centrifugal Chillers 19XR-19XL
2- Two Stage Centrifugal chillers 17 FA
3- Trane Centrifugal Chillers Centravac
4- Carrier Chillers 30GTN-30GX-30XA
5- Guide Vane Calibrations IGV (19XR)
6- Benshaw Soft Starts
7- Centrifugals Chillers Surging Solutions
8 - Fully Dismantling and Assembling 19XR Chillers
9- Split AC DC Inverter Split AC Service at your Door step in Karachi
10- Same Day Service

Installations Startup Commissioning Central HVAC Systems.
Works will be Carried out with EH&S Environments Health & Safety with All Required PPE Personnel Protective Equipments.
(PTW)Permit to Works, (PoWRA) Points of works Risk Assessments, (ABRA) Activity Based Risk Assessments.
(JMS) Job Method Statements, Hot works, Cold works, Works at Heights, Works at confined Space.
Scope of Works:

Complete dismantling Assembling 19XR chillers, Impeller Shim Calculations, IGV Guide Vane Calibrations, Centrifugals chillers surging problems, Benshaw soft starters, Variable Diffuser, Water Balancing, Pressure Testing, Vacuum Testing, and Commissioning as per Selections Sheets, Low, Medium, High Voltage Chillers, CCN Carrier Comfort Networks, Carrier PCDCT, Condenser, Evaporator, Cooling towers, Chemical Treatments, Chemical water circulations Tube Cleaning, Electrical, PCB, ELCB, EXV Electronic Expansions Valve, High Ambient HVAC Solutions, Crane Frigortec AC work at 90 Celsius with Refrigerants 236FA, Steel Industries HVAC Solutions. Modifications of HVAC Systems as per Side Requirements.

Installations Repair of all type residential ACs split AC DC
Invertors AC Invertors AC PCB Cards Repairs Leak Repair Gas
Charging Servicing Refrigerators repairs water dispenser repair
Window AC repair Packages AC Repairs works